Since 2012 Association FOR YOU is an accredited organisation for sending and hosting young people in voluntary projects. We also have years of experience coordinating our own projects within the frames of the Erasmus + programme. We can become your hosting organisation whether you are looking for short-term or long-term mobility in Bulgaria.

What is the European Solidarity Corps?

The European Solidarity Corps is a European Union initiative that creates opportunities for young people to work or volunteer in projects in their own country or abroad. The purpose of the programme is the service to be beneficial for both young people and communities around Europe.

  • European Commission Program for Erasmus +
  • Participants can be between 17 and 30 years old
  • Supporting the activities of various organisations through voluntary work
  • Acquiring different skills
  • No requirements for specialised education or skills
  • European Solidarity Corps projects can last from two to twelve months. They usually are conducted within the European Union Member States.

How Can I Become a Volunteer?

The first step to becoming a volunteer is to create a profile at the European Solidarity Corps platform. This allows you to get in direct contact with organisations who seek volunteers in various projects dealing with different social issues in communities. After creating your profile, you can also search for vacant positions in approved projects. Some useful tips about the registration process:

  • Make sure to fill in all of your data correctly
  • Don’t forget to add your CV
  • Spare some time to write down your motivation for joining an ESC project
  • Take advantage of the option to select what type of project you are looking for
  • The more details you add, the better chance to find mobility that suits you best

Read the European Solidarity Corps’ FAQ section carefully to learn more about the initiative. If you feel that you will need some help when creating your profile and preparing your application, or departure you can seek the support of an accredited sending organisation. Experienced youth workers can help you with everything – your preparation before departure, deal with all the necessary documents required during the voluntary mobility, and can support you as a volunteer during your service.

What is Provided for Volunteers in a European Solidarity Corps Project?

As with the previous programme of the European Commission – EVS, during ESC volunteers are not entitled to payment for their work, but they still receive support to cover their expenses during the project. As a volunteer you should receive:

  • Money to travel to and from the project
  • Accommodation
  • Meals / Food money
  • Medical insurance
  • Pocket money for their day-to-day living
  • Training
  • Language course
  • Youthpass certificate that can be used for job or university application
  • Assessment of the skills acquired during the service

How Can We Help You?

Association “FOR YOU” has extensive experience in implementing volunteering projects and hosting young people from all over the world and know how to respond to the needs of volunteers coming to Bulgaria. We work with dozens of permanent partners, both from the European Union and outside of Europe and we are familiar with procedures needed in a project. Most of the youth workers in our team have been volunteers abroad and can share valuable first-hand information for getting the most of your experience.

We can also offer a partnership for your organisation and create a project for voluntary mobility. Over the past 6 years, we have sent and hosted over 100 people in volunteering and youth projects in Varna and abroad.

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