Hannah from Iceland – European volunteer in Association For You

Hi, I‘m Hannah Rós and I‘m a 19 year old girl from Iceland. From November 2011 – july 2012 I will be living in Bulgaria and working as a volunteer in Association FOR YOU. Now I have been in Bulgaria for a month, and I like it a lot. Although I am struggling a bit with the language and making myself understandable. I have already gotten to know some people here in Varna, both from Bulgaria and also other volunteers or Erasmus students. One of the things I like about the people here is that they are always ready to help other people. I play the trumpet and I love salsa dancing, and I have found it quite easy to get help from people to find places to play music or dance.
One of the things I am doing in FOR YOU is taking part in a crafting workshop wich is twice a week with a group of really nice youngsters, and I am looking forward to getting better in the Bulgarian language so I can communicate properly and get to know the people in the workshop better.
I am a volunteer through EVS, which stands for European Voluntary Service, and there are a lot more people here in Bulgaria that have come through this organization as well. I have already met some of these people, so now I have contacts throughout Bulgaria which will make it even more fun for me to travel and have a look around Bulgaria.

This is a photo of the group of EVS volunteers that will be staying in Bulgaria about the same time as me.

We are five EVS volunteers here in Varna and we have kept in good touch. This photo is of us and Mitko, our mentor.

I met some really nice people from Varna that took me on a scenery trip around Varna and this is taken at Pobiti Kamani.

One of the projects me and my flatmate, Johnny did for FOR YOU was to make and exhibition in Grand Varna mall about „Meet Europe“. This is the exhibition and Ahmet (my flatmate and a Volunteer in For you), Elina (my superviser in For you), Johnny (my other flatmate and also a volunteer in For you), Mitko (our mentor and a participant in the project „Meet Europe“) and in front of us is Emru(a participant in „Meet Europe).
My stay here has been really fun so far and I have no doubt that it will only get better!