The project Bridges of good neighborhood is over

Our work on the project Bridges of good neighborhood, whose purpose was to prevent illegal migration to and from Russia and CIS and promote legal one, is over .
For the period of the project (04.2009-12.2011) over back 100 people returned back to their country of origin. Most people returned to Russia, Dagestan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. They are mostly men. The average age of the returnees is about 30 years.

During 2010 and 2011, from Bulgaria, back to their country of origin returned 7 people, 2 persons to Armenia, 2 to Russia and 3 to Kyrgyzstan. Of these, 3 have received initial financial support of 250 €, and two € 2,000 to start their own business. The average age of the returnees is 42 years, 5 men and 2 women .

In total 16 people have turned for support to the Association For You, from these 3 persons were deported, 7 returned with the support of the project, 3 persons have changed their minds, while 3 could not leave the country due to lack of documents. The avarage time to organize the return is about 1 month.

The most common reason for leaving the country is inability to acquire legal residence status in Bulgaria. Another reason is the lack of professional realization .

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We thank all our partners with whom we cooperate during the project. We hope to continue to continue working together.

Return to Kirghistan
R. and K. A. are couple (58 and 59 yeards old) who come from city of Osh, Kirghistan. They have 2 children. She is a music teacher in kindergarten, he is a photographer. In Bulgaria the whole family were refugee status applicants.
The family A. came to Bulgaria after the conflicts in city of Osh (July 2010). They applied for a refugee status to the Bulgarian National Agency of refugees. After 8 months of waiting for a decision they were still with no legal status and already with no money. They could not find any job in Bulgaria. That is why they decided to return back.

R. and K. A. before their flight in the office of Association FOR YOU , together with the coordinator of the project.
R. and K. received flight tickets to Osh. 2 months later, their daughter also returned with the support of “Bridges of good neighborhood.”

R. and K. A. in front of their home in Osh, Kirghistan.

Armenian man returned back home
R. Ch. is 63 years old man from Armenia. He was living since 1995 in Bulgaria with his family. He has 3 children , 2 of which are disabled. He is a shoemaker. When he contacted us (May 2010) he had no legal status granted and he was a humanitarian status applicant.
R. Ch. made deposit for an apartment in Yerevan in 1985. Due to his long absence the state decide to sell the apartment to another person. So Mr Ch. had to go home to deal with this issue. Furthermore since 2007 he has order from the police to leave Bulgaria and prohibition to enter the country for the next 10 years
R. Ch. received ticket for his return , 250 € first aid , support from Hope & Help NGO in Yerevan in order to find job and layer.

After their return K. A. received 2000 euro support to start small business back home as a photographer – he bought camera, printer and materials.
The return of R. and K. was organized only for couple of days.

R. Ch. receives his first aid support in the office of Nope & Help NGO in Yerevan , Armenia.
Not long ago R. Ch. received 2000 € for starting a small business- a shoe repairing shop. He already bought his machinery and started to work.

R. Ch. in his atelier in Yerevan, Armenia.