A weekend in Sofia

From 9. – 13. May I went to Sofia to play the trumpet in two events my friends were hosting. They are volunteering as EVS in theatre art, and were hosting events related to the art of mime.

I was also invited to take part in a European family game which was happening this same weekend in Sofia. This game had representatives from each European capital, and since I am the only Icelandic volunteer in Bulgaria I was asked to come and represent Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland.

I arrived in Sofia the 9th May, and I got to stay at the volunteer’s house. In my first evening we went to the Art Hostel, where there was a jam session taking place. That is when two or more musicians meet to play music together without practising; improvisation on the spot. I took my trumpet withand played with them, which was really fun.

The next day the first event took place. It was a small event in the Hungarian Institute where the composer Béla Bartok was the main theme, because he wrote a ballet dedicated to the mime. I didn‘t do my best performance that night, I was very stressed.

On the 11th the main event of the mime festival was held in Studio 5, which is a very nice jazz bar in the NDK (the national palace of culture).

Тhis is Studio 5

It was a very nice event, I enjoyed watching and playing very much.

There was a group of deaf people who did some mime acts, some of them were very good. Krassimir Avramov also came and performed a mime act where he acted out a whole symphony orchestra.

That was very funny.

Krassimir competed for Bulgaria in Eurovision 2009, here is the link to his performance there:

I both played a solo piece and also an introduction for the Grand Finale, which was a fire show. I really enjoyed that.

The day after the big event I was supposed to go to а park and take part in the Еuropean family competition, but when we came to the park I was informed that Iceland was in fact not part of this competition! So they invited me for nothing, and I was very greatful that I came to Sofia to do more than just take part in this competition. So instead I went with some friends to Romcha where one of the volunteers was celebrating her birthday and had a great time!