A weekend in Stara Zagora

From 12. – 14. Oktober I went to Stara Zagora to participate in an events my friends were hosting. They are volunteering as EVS in the social field, and were hosting events related to cultural aweraness.

We were invited to take part in a European exhibition to represent our countries and advertise volunteering. This game had representatives from many European countries, and I was responsible to come and represent Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

I arrived in Stara Zagora the 12th Oktober. I traveked with Lilit, the Armenian volunteer and we got to stay at the volunteers’ house. In my first evening we went out to meet our fellows from the on- arrival training and played geochache to explore the town.

The next day the event took place. It was held in the Park Mall of Stara Zagora. Every participant prepared some game to make it more fun to represent their country. I made some puzzles out od printed pictures. While visitors made the puzzle I told them some things about Budapest.

There were 10 countries total. After finishing the game of one the visitors got a stam. After collecting all of them they got a price.

The event was a succes. We had many visitors and lot of fun. For example we danced togather to the Spanish song Macarena.

In the evening we were invited to a house party. I love Bulgarian hospitality.

We spent the last day visiting the historical museum. Then we returned to Varna.