My EVS in Slovakia Part 2

My EVS in Slovakia Part 2.

Now I will tell you a little bit more about my project. I volunteer in an organization called Centrum Volneho Času – Junior (Center for leisure activities – Junior). The organization is very big and has a wide range of activities: to organize school competitions in mathematics, geography, history, languages and so much more (such as the ones I participated in as a student) 🙂 sports activities for youngsters and grown ups. The first week after my arrival, I had the opportunity to attend sports Olympics for retired people. Yes, you read that right. Retired :). Two weeks ago there was another big sport event called Horehronski Games (Sports Olympics for children from schools throughout the region). The things I enjoy the most are the youth events we organize. They include regular trainings and trainings of all sorts of useful topics: writing projects, communication skills or youth leadership among others. These things make me feel super excited. I think I am very lucky to volunteer in an organization like this.


Among the common activities for everybody (which include help in the center), our project also has quite a variety of things to do. We have regular events that take place every week. In general, there are those organized only in certain cases. I can begin with some examples. Each week we visit the so-called “special theater”. The special thing about this theater is that all artists who work there are disabled. This is truly an unique place and I think it is really a great initiative that allows people with disabilities to have a job, insurance, etc. and be fully part of the society. Besides the theater, I visit a “special school” for children with the so-called “special needs”. Some of them have disabilities, others are just “hyperactive.” I like these activities because they give me something different from the experience that I have so far. Finally I managed to overcome my emotions and really manage to visit these places regularly, every week, without being depressed or sad over the fate of these people.


Another regular activity that we have are the language courses. We were invited by several schools to help the language lessons, by taking part in the conversational classes. Our task is to talk to the children in English in order to practice, and most important, to overcome fear and anxiety to speak a foreign language. Well, I do not have a perfect knowledge of English but I try to help the children to be a little bit more confident when talking to strangers 🙂


Sometimes we have single activities and tasks, but I really like them because they bring more variety in our project. Some are presentations that we do in schools and universities on various topics. These presentations are basically to promote volunteering and to describe our experience as volunteers abroad or any other topics that concern local youth. Another super exciting thing we are organizing now is an information day on the occasion of the World Day against AIDS. This idea was organized for the first time in the center and I’m very glad they liked the idea and agreed to hold it. (Cross your fingers so it goes well :))


I think I wrote too much, so it is time to conclude. I wanted to write an inspiring and powerful conclusion, but unfortunately the muse left me . Therefore, instead I want to share with you what EVS gave me until now. For sure the list will be updated and grow until July 2013 :))


  • People – Everything I do, the most important thing for me is the people- the people I meet, the people I communicate with and with whom I have things in common. For the time I spent here so far I met great people like Dan and Emanuela (volunteers from other projects), many friends from different countries that are in Banska Bystrica as students, volunteers or interns and many other super-EVS volunteers from all over Slovakia. Of course, they can not replace the people I miss in Varna, but it’s better to take care for my mood so I do not feel lonely and alone in this country


  • Experiences – Most of the things we do in the project were new experiences for me: to teach the actors from the theater how to knit bracelets, to help children to learn English. But many more are my experiences in Slovakia during my free time outside the project. Here for the first time I visited the Opera (a little bit regretful to admit it, but so it is). I got to know what is it to travel in a country which language you do not speak at all and to succeed to get where you want to go. :))


  • Super lots of fun – Volunteering is a vital part of intercultural dialogue (especially when we are so to say “Lost in Translation”) and it’s part of the magic of EVS.