Association FOR YOU organizes a youth exchange in Varna with Bulgarian and Spanish youngsters

Association FOR YOU organizes a youth exchange in Varna with Bulgarian and Spanish youngsters

Youth exchange See over Seas!

Association FOR YOU will take part in a youth exchange that will gather together 16 youngsters with disabilities from Spain and Bulgaria. The one week exchange will be held in the city of Varna from the 22nd until the 29th of April.

The exchange aims to give youngsters with disabilities the opportunity to know other cultures, traditions, nature, etc. This international experience will also help them to be more supportive and tolerant regarding people with different backgrounds and from different countries.

The youngsters will spend 8 days together participating in different activities that will let them know more about the two countries and themselves. These activities include a rally around the city, excursions, outdoor activities and games and one international evening. In the International evening -that will be held in the Yo-Ho-Hostel in Varna the 28th of April-they will exchange information about their different cultures and traditions-music, folk dances, meals etc-. The youngsters will also organize a photo exhibition with pictures of the most beautiful and interesting natural and historical spots of both countries.

Fundación Adcor: the Spanish partner in the exchange

Fundación Adcor (Foundation Adcor) is the Spanish partner. They work offering Information, Training and Support to people with intellectual disabilities and their families. Like Association For You, they organize crafting workshops for people with disabilities. In this way the exchange will also offer the possibility  to spend some crafting time together.

During the whole exchange, the youngsters will be supported by trainers, group leader and a psychologist. The coordinator of Association For You and the EVS volunteers will also participate in the whole exchange.

This project has been funded with support from the” Youth in Action “Programme of the European Commission administered in Bulgaria by the National Centre” European Youth Programmes and Initiatives “. The contents of this publication / newspaper / brochure / do not reflect the position of the European Community program “Youth in Action” or NCEYPI. “

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