A welcoming trip for the EVS volunteers to Kaliakra and Balchik

Last Wednesday, the volunteers of Association For You and SOS – Families In Risk went on a trip to Kaliakra, the cape town of Bulgaria, and the big Botanical garden in Balchik. It took us about two hours to go there by bus from Varna. When we got off at the parking lot, two stray dogs welcomed us in this mysterious place next to the Black Sea. The fog and the grey clouds on the coast made it an even more impressing experience to listen to the old legend of the 40 maidens who bond their hair together and jumped into the sea. As Elina told us, they preferred dying to becoming Muslims. In a little museum there were old crafts and dishes presented which had been found there. Afterwards, our EVS group discovered the edge of the cape: the view of the Black Sea was just amazing and we also could see some dolphins. While walking, we passed by some ruins and old ladies selling knitwear. Moreover, the frothing sea sent us a refreshing breeze and the Fortress of Kaliakra added a medieval flair.

Right after, we went back to the bus to visit the Botanical garden in Balchik. It was interesting and beautiful to see – even in autumn. We heard that this garden was once the Romanian queen’s property who is still well-known in Bulgaria. The most funny thing to see were the cacti in the greenhouse because some of them seemed to wear strange hair styles. It was interesting as well to walk through the garden of roses – there were plenty different kinds and they spread their flavor.

Finally, we left and had a last stop at a mussel farm next to the sea. At the restaurant, they served loads of tasty dishes made of almost everything the Black Sea offers. With about one or two kilograms more weight, we entered the bus and got back home to Varna. All in all it was a really nice day trip and everybody of the European Voluntary Service project enjoyed it. For sure, some of us will travel there again in summer when it will be even more beautiful.  

EVS Varna

Elina explains the history of Bulgaria