Matteo tells about his EVS experiences


Matteo evaluates the recent time of his European Voluntary Service

After two months of my EVS in Bulgaria I have a more clear idea of my experience here.

I like a lot my voluntary service in Bulgaria because I can work in more than one field and my job is always different and new. There are many positive aspects of my voluntary service in Varna.

My main job is the work in the Erasmus office in the University of Economics in Varna. So in this case my occupation is paper work, administrative tasks, the classic office work. This job has got  many positive aspects for me, for example the possibility of working in an international and multicultural environment. In fact, my colleagues are Bulgarian, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese. Everybody in the office is extremely nice and polite. They give me a lot of freedom in the job and at the same time they trust in me and in my abilities. Another positive aspect is that all the colleagues want to know my opinion about how to solve a problem or how to do a new task. This experience is very good also because I am improving my language skills. So for me the situation in the office is outstandingly positive. My hosting organization Association For You is a very active association, and every week we have something to do. Usually, I join the workshops every Thursday evening, but also I like going to the beach cleaning events. For me the beach cleaning is a good occasion to visit new places in Varna but also out of the city and at the same time to do something useful for the community. We also organized a Franco-Italian evening, that was a dinner with French and Italian food. It was a pleasurable event, as well. So in this amusing, nice way the offered food introduced the people from all around Europe to my culture.

The activities that I enjoy the most, organized by For You, are the presentations in schools about EVS programs. These events are great because the other volunteers and me can speak with the young people of Varna about our experience and try to persuade them to make something similar. To me it is very important to explain them that the EVS program is a useful way to learn a lot of things, to travel, meet new people and discover what Europe really means. The teenagers in the schools were very interested in our experience and they took part in the presentation with questions. So the mood and the atmosphere was enjoyable and fruitful for both the parts.

Another positive aspect of the EVS program is the language course. The first impact with the Bulgarian language was for me a really big shock. No way to find something similar to Italian and  even less to English. But day by day I acquire some basics. Now I can ask for something, introduce myself and, generally, be polite with Bulgarian people using their language which is a very important thing for me. The last advantage of my experiences in Bulgaria is the possibility of travelling. During the weekends we usually make trips with other volunteers inside Bulgaria or in other countries. For example, I went to Veliko Tarnovo, to Shipka, or to Kazanlak for the Rose Festival, but I also went to Greece, particularly to Thessaloniki, Athens and Delfos. So amazing trips with charming people!

Finally, I can say that my first positive impression about Bulgaria and in especially Varna and the EVS program is confirmed.

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