Rebecca our German volunteer introduce herself

Rebecca is one of our volunteers with one of the ERASMUS+ programs. Rebecca is from Germny and she is 21 years old.

Rebecca came to Varna in October 2013. She came here by coincidence during a journey to Israel and she really liked it. She started her EVS project in October 2014 and she will be here till Octobe 2015.

Before coming to Varna she had spent one year in America during her high school and one year more in Paris working.

Despite coming here by coincidence, she stayed in Varna because for her this  is beautiful and Bulgarians are funny and honest, she like that kind of people.

She  works in a project that tries to better the situation of the Roma people and to bring the European and the Roma culture closer together – even though they are very different.

 She found the Roma culture very fascinating and their situation very shocking.

“I discovering different cultures and I can learn very much from my work. And it’s fun.” so this shows that her project suits her perfectly.

“East Europe is special. It has seen so many ideologies, so many empires. It is a melting pot of slavic, oriental and occidental history and cultures.

In some way, it is orderly chaos, things work differently than what e.g. west Europeans are used to. But once you understand this, you have arrived for real.” she aswered when we asked about her impressions about the city.

Everybody who is abroad, miss his family or his land, but apart from that “normal” feeling Rebecca also miss Real bread. Not like toast or other fluffy spongy stuff but real dark bread, that actually tastes like something.