Interview about Sergio, one of the supervisors of the new social and cultural entrepreneurship project the Teahouse

Hi Sergio. Please introduce yourself and without telling the entire story of your life speak about what brought you to choose the EVS in Bulgaria and how did you discover this opportunity. 
Hi Michele. As you said, my name is Sergio, I’m from Spain, I’m 25 years old and I’ve studied animation sociocultural and turistica. I’ve come to Bulgaria because in my homecountry I had nothing to do – just working all day long – and I needed more life experiences. I checked for vacancy opportunities outside Spain because I strongly wanted to live in a foreign country, so I sent a lot of requests about EVS. When Bulgaria suddenly called me I said to myself: “ok, let’s do it”.  Have you had a lot of difficulties to live here because of the language gap or the local way of living?  My main difficulty was connected to the understanding of the english language, because my english skills were not so good at the beginning. Luckily in the first months I had some bulgarian classes with the other volunteers, so I had the opportunity to get closer with them in a really short time. Anyway, I have to say I can feel a lot of improvements in my english day by day and I’m amazed and proud about this!  One year is a lot of time: are you satisfied about your decision to stay in a foreign country for a so long period? What kind of expectations did you have and how do you feel now?  Yes, of course! It was a really nice decision. I’ve a lot of time to think about myself and also a lot of time to do important social things. I’m really enjoying this place and when everything will be over I’ll miss my life here. Right now I feel myself getting better and better and I can see a kind of evolution in all the sides of my life. I expect to keep working in the Teahouse with childrens and cultural activities and also flying, travelling and having a lot of parties!

  You were speaking about your working place, the “Social Teahouse”. Please tell us something more about this association, your main objectives and your tasks there. Which are your plans for the next weeks?  The Teahouse is a no profit association in which people can pass their free time reading books or exchanging clothes and stuff. Furthemore we are arranging a lot of free events like cineforums, sharing experiences and intercultural meetings. Another nice thing about the Teahouse is that we can provide to orphans who finish their studies a first job inside the association.At the beginning the Teahouse was an abandoned block left in decay. Me and my colleagues rebuilt and refurnished it and we’ve arranged a lot of presentation and cultural meetings in order to encourage external people to come and enjoy the place.  We’ve have been preparing a lot of interesting events for this semester: cinema evenings, expositions of photographs, reading and poetry nights, live concerts and some other different activities. The idea is to organize at least one event every week. 
Introduce me to your colleagues and give me a short presentation about them.
 I’m working with two spanish girls: Nuria and Laura. Nuria is a social educator and Laura is a psychologist. The other EVS volunteer, Vincent, come from France. They are really nice workers and each of us put the maximum effort in everything we do. Actually we are a great team!

DLIN-DLON: TAkE A LOOK TO THE SOCIAL TEAHOUSE FB and WEBPAGE IF YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING MORE ABOUT US AND OUR EVENTS… DLIN-DLON (end of the commercial corner).   Time for a traditional question: tell me a funny, weird or awkward story concerning your EVS experiences inside or outside the working environment.
In my last trip around Bulgaria I was in Plovdiv and I parked the rented car close to my hosting flat in order to get drunk, visit the place by walking, sleep etc. When the next morning I came back to my car I realized that the policemen blocked the tyres because the parking in that place was not allowed. At the first time I was kinda worried so I instantly called the number of the police and they just told me “you must pay the ticket if you want your car back: twenty leva, please” and I thought “oh, tranquilito! It could be worse!”. There is a cool white and black photo with me in a solemn pose and the stucked car on the background.                                                        
Thank you for your time, Sergio! See you in the Teahouse for some soft drinks mixed with “special” spices.