Interview with Anda, the New Latvian Trainee of FOR YOU

Hi Anda! Just to begin our interview, speaking about yourself: who you are, where are you from and where are you going.

Hello! I’m a positive, open-minded person who is a big ice cream lover and sometimes lives in a small world in which there is just me and myself, with no countries and races.
Originally I’m from Latvia, south part of the country. I spent my childhood in the countryside with a lot of animals. Maybe that’s why I’m a true animal lover.

I would say that I’m not “going”, I’m swimming (although I couldn’t swim in real life) from one wave to another directed to the unknown.

Yes, Anda loves ice creams!

How did you discover this internship and why did you choose to apply for that kind of project in a place like Bulgaria?

Every new challenge makes us thinking and seeing the world differently: I could say this is my favourite quote, ’cause it’s all the time on my mind. So… if there are some opportunities to challenge yourself, why not?

 I haven’t been to Bulgaria yet, so that’s why I came here. I discovered the project on “”.

Is this your first living experience outside your home country? What other reasons did push you to get out of your native comfort zone?

I have been on an exchange project in Sicily and also in Lithuania. In my University I used the opportunity to have an Erasmus in Hungary for one semester. I could say that it was the best experience in my life, such an unforgettable time. Challenge – as I said before: that’s why I went abroad.


Since this is just a short term project (as you will come back at the end of September), explain to us what kind of expectations you have and how you wanna enjoy this new environment the best that you can.

I had a lot of fun during my Erasmus: crazy people around me and a lot of partying (really- too much). I truly enjoyed every moment, but now I think I’m already a bit older, so I’m focusing on my future: I want to develop myself, going to the museums and events that could make me look at things on a different way, just to enjoy everything Bulgaria can offer to me.

What exactly do you do in your everyday tasks? Do you feel it intriguing or at least satisfying? 

My everyday task is to learn as much as possible, understanding how social media work and how to organise events. Basically, I’m putting my theoretical knowledge into practice in order to help my supervisor to achieve better results. And of course, I’m satisfied.

Tell us a funny, weird or interesting story about your first and unexpected impact with this peculiar country.

I could say that people here are really nice and interesting at the same time; they always want to speak with me in the Russian language, because every time I say I’m from Latvia everyone starts to act like “let’s speak in Russian!”. People, please! I’m here to practise English and I’m really bad at speaking Russian. But actually I like the atmosphere here and the weather is more than good! And благодаря to Yordanka who gave me this opportunity to be in Varna.