The Sport and the City Vol. 1 – Skate Park Mladost

The Summer is finally in Varna and the city welcomes the new season with more and more alternative youth initiatives and events. One of them occurred this Saturday in the skate park Mladost and was open for participants of all ages. The organisers planned four events, which together form the project called „Sport and the City“. They are supposed to encourage youth and local community to embrace sports and to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The initiative for the events is of the association Alternative Space, which is a consortium of youth and sport organizations: Скейт Клуб Варна (Skate Club Varna), Клуб Джа- Ра (Club Dzha-Ra), Фарсайд (Farsaid) and сдружение ЗА ТЕБ (Association FOR YOU).

Sport and the City vol.1 in Skate Park Mladost!

We are very happy to notify that the first event was successful and was visited by many young people, children and adults. The team of Alternative Space, together with twenty local and foreign volunteers, provided free training, games and demonstrations of skating, rollerblading, table football and slackline with the nice music mixed by Forest Man.

During the whole day many children and youngsters took the chance and tried skating and rollerblading for the first time, but there were also participants who already had some experience. At the same time, parents could enjoy the sight of happy laughing kids and have a small break for themselves. Of course, there were no objections, so that they also tried to move a bit. We all feel that the event was a success, however, maybe it would have been even better If the condition of the skate park was better, to give more possibilities and more fun for everybody.

Besides “the active” part, during the event, people were informed about the different volunteering opportunities provided by the Erasmus Plus programme and about youth activities in Varna, as well as all around the world. There will be three more events in different neighbourhoods of the town during the summer, so you can look for updates on the Facebook page of Hale3 and Сдружение ЗА ТЕБ. We also say big thanks to our sponsors: „Contrabanda“, „Black sheep“, Varna municipality and Varna European Youth Capital 2017.

We look forward to the next event! See you there!