The European Gateway in Action: 5 Youngsters From France Talk About Their Internship In Varna

All the partnering organisations in The European Gateway had to host interns in their countries to implement the procedures and tools the procedures created for the project. We have hosted 5 young French interns and asked them about their experience during the professional mobility. Here are their answers.

Association For You: Hi Léna, Pauline, Simon and Sophie! Nice to meet you! Can you introduce yourself, please?

Pauline: Hi my name is Pauline and I am 20 years old. I am a student in BTS Assistant Manager in the first year in Bordeaux, alternating at the CFA.

Léna: Hi!  My name is Léna and I’m 20 years old. I am a student in BTS Assistant Manager in the first year in Bordeaux, alternating at the CFA.

Simon: Hello. My name is Simon and I live in Parentis in the Landes. I’m 18 years old and I’m in the first year of BTS Assistant Manager alternately.

Sophie: Hi, I am a student of 22 years old. I do alternatively a Bts Assistant Manager at the Rectorat of Bordeaux.

Association For You: What did you do during your internship at Innovator?

Léna and Pauline: During our internship, we wrote an article in English about co-working and the city of Varna, we also looked for partnership in France, we optimized profiles on social networks, we sought funds and participated in communication meetings.

Association For You: What did you do during your internship at Hale 3?

Simon: I worked with the entire team to organize museum evenings, reorganize the space and do the maintenance. In addition, we have prepared events while continuing the usual tasks.

Association For You: What did you do during your internship at Alliance Française?

Sophie: I had to redo the presentation of the poster, the title of the expressions of the week and a presentation poster of the summer courses of the Alliance Française

Association For You: What were your first impressions on Bulgaria?

Léna and Pauline: Our first impression on Bulgaria is the dilapidated state of the city, the fact that it has a lot of animals on the street and the shower is not like in France.

Simon: It is very different from France but in the end, we get used to it. It’s very nice to live here, people are very nice even if they look cold.

Sophie: People are very nice, it’s a beautiful country and we eat well.

Association For You: Can you tell us a few words about your training?

Léna and Pauline: Our training is oriented towards management, communication and administration it is also oriented towards languages.

Simon: It is a general BTS that opens on several doors. The training covers the practical aspects of management, management and communication.

Sophie: Our training is oriented towards management, communication and administration. It is also oriented towards languages and we learn how to acquire tools to help the manager.

Association For You:  What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Léna: My strengths are the good level of English, sociality and I am curious.

Pauline: My strengths are the adaptability and the good level in English and my weakness is the precipitation.

Simon: My strengths is that I have no communication problem. My weakness is that I am disorganized.

Sophie: My strengths are that I am involved and I am also conscientious. My weakness is I’m too honest.

Association For You:  How your family, friends and teachers describe you?

Simon: They say that I’m kind, kind and poorly organized.

Pauline: They say that I’m brave and adventurous.

Léna: They say that I am hardworking and motivated.

Sophie: They describe me as a person of applied and curious.

Association For You: What was the reason for your internship?

Léna and Pauline: The reasons are because it is mandatory and it’s for the exam.

Simon: The internship was scheduled in the BTS alternately.

Sophie: I had to do an internship abroad for my BTS.

Association For You: What did you think of your internship?

Simon: Despite the problems of the beginning, I am rather happy, it is a very good experience. I learned to know another way of working in France and it is a very rewarding experience.

Léna and Pauline: It was a very enriching internship culturally and professionally but also it was good to see an innovative and modern structure in a contrasting environment.

Sophie: It was too short but it was interesting and allowed me to know another culture than mine.

Perfect, a lot of new experiences, thank you very much for this interview. I hope you had a fun time here. 🙂