5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start Volunteering

You have decided to diversify your everyday life or maybe you want to meet new people? Perhaps you want to gain experience in a certain area? That’s all great! Volunteering is a path that gives a person the chance to find many answers both for oneself as well as for life in general. However, before starting to volunteer it’s best to ask yourself a couple of questions. We decided to draw your attention to some of the most important of them so it is easier for you to find what is the best way to engage in this activity for you.

  • Choose a Cause That You Are Keen On

What are the things around you that you care about? Maybe you have noticed something is unfair and you have ideas how to make the situation better? Every person is dissatisfied with something in life and that’s normal because it’s in our nature to want to solve problems! However, instead of complaining and revolting about the condition of things, we better take some actions regarding the issue. Change, acquires actions, not words.

  • Think about your skills

What are the skills you have or you want to develop? Voluntary environment is a great space where your experience may help other people. That, on other hand, will make you want to become better and better in a certain field. Whether that be drawing, photography, maybe your skills in a sport or even the desire to speak with different people and help them. There are endless possibilities where you can find your place.

  • Visit a local youth’s centre to get new ideas

You are uncertain about what type of questions to ask or where to begin with? Luckily there are specialists that work with volunteers and they do know how to guide you in the right direction. Sometimes the questions in your head may be perplexed, however, a little bit of assistance from another experienced person may make everything come to a place. If you are wondering who you could speak with – you can find our contacts here or you can directly message us on Facebook. Еven during pandemic Association FOR YOU aims to help youngsters and we are ready for online meetings.

  • Let’s think about time!

Time is one of our most precious resources! What many people state as a reason why they cannot volunteer is that they have a busy schedule. Truth is that every one of us could spare a bit of time for volunteering. After all, this is not a job and there is not a minimum amount of hours one should complete in a week or a month. You could even volunteer “seasonally” as you participate in different festivals or initiatives. First – ask yourself how much time you could spare? Once you have the answer it’s pretty easy to decide what kind of activity you can partake in and when!


  • What’s fun and exciting for YOU?

Yes, volunteering is about doing good, but that does not mean that it should not also be a fun activity! One of the important steps is to ask yourself the question – what gives me joy? You can volunteer in many different activities, different fields as well as events and initiatives. That way you can find this thing in life that is both enjoyable for you, but also is doing a good favour for others!