Surfing off summer with aqua sports for children with special needs

The 12th of September was the day to discover aqua sport! Indeed, Niki Surf Sport as well as For You and other partners (mention below) have organized an event in Aspurohovo beach. Perfect time and perfect weather to discover new sports, such as Kayak, for young disadvantaged Bulgarians and their family. But the event was also a sharing time to discover, talk, and exchange between each other with activities as painting, sports,… 

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A surfing event? Wait… What? 

Since the pandemic, it is hard to find possibilities for young people, especially with special needs, to practice a sport that they can enjoy. For this reason, Akasha Surf School, Niki Surf Sport, and Association FOR YOU organized a free event, to propose to young Bulgarians with special needs, to experiment with new sports. 

To help them, experienced instructors, who participated in several summer camps and activities with Parakids, were there to take care of the safety and well-being of the participants. All the pieces of equipment were provided so that everyone could enjoy the sports to their fullest. 

This event is the opportunity to give everyone the chance to try new sports and to understand that everybody can have access to those sports. Help and special types of equipment existed to provide the best experience for every participant. It is sometimes difficult to know what is accessible for people with special needs and what is best for them. Those kinds of events can be a way to discover, and maybe like, new sports but also understand that many sports can be suitable to everyone with little equipment and help. Nevertheless, those sports can be quite expensive for a family. The free event was a chance for everyone to try and enjoy it for a day. 

What happened during the event?

The event opened with a presentation of everyone. To get to know each other better, a circle was made so that everyone could see one another, present themself quickly, and learn more about the event. 

After the presentations were made, the real fun could begin! Children and adults could try different kinds of aqua sport such as Kite Surf, Stand up Paddle, Kayak, or even Surf. Accompany by an instructor, the young people with specific needs could enjoy the sea completely safely. Even as scary as it may seem to try the first time, every young people has participated and really liked it!

The event took place during a sunny Sunday morning in Asparuhovo beach, surf school “Niki-sport”. Due to the last measures, the number of participants was limited to 30.
After testing the water, the young people and children could also participate in different activities on the beach such as painting craft bags, listening to stories told by professionals, or other creative activities. 

All those activities are important to keep the young people active but also to give them confidence. Indeed, developing creativity or doing sport is important to gain assurance. It is also a way to communicate and gain self-esteem.  

The event was also a time to collect some donations to help the organization grow and propose other activities like this one. People who wanted could buy a t-shirt, a tote bag, or even one of the creations of the children to participate in the donation. 

As a reminder the event was organized by Akasha Surf School, Niki Surf Sport, Association FOR YOU, Educational community – Varna, and with the help of the surf community “Young Guns”. Different partners were also supporting the event as Decathlon Varna.

How to support the organization?

You can help us create new opportunities like this one for children and young people with special needs! Want to be a part of this team and adventure? 

Here is how you can help us 

  1. By sharing about our events;
  2. By donating funds for the organization :
  3. By bank transfer, via Paypal:

Bank account for donations in BGN:

First Investment Bank

IBAN: BG13FINV91501204080583

For You Association

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  1. Or at a Hale 3 where you can buy a special canvas bag drawn by the children!

Your help, as much as it can be, will be a great opportunity for us! It will help us provide more activities of this kind for young people with disabilities but also propose other projects to keep them active and make them enjoy life and those sharing moments as much as possible. 

For more information, you can contact us at or you can call us at +359 52 600 765