Meeting of volunteers in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the places I wanted to visit for a long time. Its culture, music, traditions, food, people…are so interesting and unknown to me. That´s why I decided to travel there with some other EVS volunteers.

EVS volunteers in Istanbul

With some other EVS volunteers we planned a trip to Istanbul last November.

From Varna I took a bus with Mael, another French EVS. It took us around 8 hours to arrive in the city. We could not sleep so much in the bus but still the excitement of being in Istanbul was stronger than the tiredness.


There we met Miriam and Laura, two Spanish EVS volunteers and Richard, a Czech volunteer that work together in a fire theater in Sofia. I met them in my On Arrival training and we decided to have a gathering to see this beautiful city. This is one of the things I like about the European Voluntary Service, you will always find someone who is motivated to travel no matter where.


Besides visiting the main spots like the The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (commonly known as the Blue Mosque), the Cisterns, Hagia Sophia or the Grand Bazaar-full of colours, smells and movement-among others, we wanted to experience the life in the streets in the Asian part. We crossed the Marmara Sea by ferry. We got lost around the streets and markets  and appreciated the big contrasts inside both parts of  the city. The mix of cultures, Oriental and Western, makes it one of the most interesting and unique places I visited.


Meeting with an ex-volunteer in Varna

In Istanbul I met Ahmet, the previous EVS volunteer in Association For You. He left the same day I arrived in Varna so unfortunately we could not  meet each other before. I thought this was a great chance to have a turkish coffee or a Salep together and share a good time. As a Turkish, he is very hospitable and showed us around. He took us to a mosque for the pray and explained  the process, rules and curiosities about the religious practices. We were so curious we could not stop asking.

 In short, I had a great trip and experience, not only because I visited one of the cities I was very curious about but because I shared some good time with  EVS friends.