First impressions of Marina, the new EVS volunteer in Varna

Marina is the new EVS volunteer in Association For You. A part of her tasks in Association FOR YOU , she is volunteering also in the International Relations Office of the University of Economics – Varna and wants to share with you the impressions of what a great chance is to volunteering and work abroad.

Marina, EVS volunteer from Rumania
I am Marina and I am from Bucharest, Romania. In the last past three years I have been living in Spain where I did my Erasmus, my master and also my traineeship at the Provincial Government; well because I really like to travel, work abroad and expand my horizons I decided to apply for EVS (European Voluntary Service).
And I have been accepted so currently I am making my EVS in the University of Economics at the International Relations Office in Varna, Bulgaria.
My tasks of the projects are: to support the work related to the incoming Erasmus students , to keep relations with partner universities and search for new contacts, to support the organization of Erasmus and EVS promotion, to search and apply for new projects and to prepare marketing materials among other tasks. In Association FOR YOU I work with the rest of the volunteers preparing awareness campaigns on the European Voluntary Service. I also give information to young people interested in taking part  in this opportunity. I also participate in informal sessions to learn English.

Being EVS volunteer  is a very nice experience. I live and work abroad. I am learning the culture, knowing the people, learning a new language.For me EVS is not just acquiring new competences(which for sure are going to help me in the future) is more a personal development.

Meeting more EVS volunteers
I am having this great opportunity to spend almost one year in a very beautiful city where I had the chance to meet some awesome people from different countries; when I participated to on Arrival training in Sofia I have met others 25 EVS volunteers from France, Latvia, Georgia, Spain, Turkey working abroad on different projects, with different backgrounds and speaking other language but we all get very well with each other; I made new friends and I establish new connections for further partnership.

I visited some of this volunteers in their cities and they came to visit me in Bucharest where we spent a lovely time together.
I am sure that I am still not realizing the big impact that EVS will have in my life but of what I am sure is that is the best thing I ever did in my life and I am taking advantage every single day.