Volunteers and students in Veliko Tarnovo


Volunteers celebrating the student’s day

The last 8th of December was a special day for all the students in Bulgaria. It’s the celebration of the Студентскят празник, the student’s day. It does not matter if you are not a student anymore. The spirit always remains in you. With a group of EVS volunteers and friends we went to Veliko Tarnovo, one of the biggest student cities in Bulgaria. In fact, the Veliko Tarnovo University is the second largest in the country after Sofia University.

The city is not so big (around 68.000 inhabitants) but still as it is full of students it´s kind of dynamic (and peaceful place at the same time). To celebrate the students day, the entrance for all the museums was free (“free” is a magic word for volunteers)  and we could check some of them like the prison museum or the archaeological museum.

EVS opens the door for new experiences

Veliko Tarnovo became one of my favourite spots in Bulgaria as you can disconnect walking around the peaceful streets in old town or attend some interesting events in downtown. Specially remarkable is the preservation of the old traditional houses and the local architecture, which is one of the main attractions for tourists. Something that it is quite hard to see in Varna. As the weather was really nice we visited the ruins of the castle Tsarevets located on the hill of the same name. The views are amazing and you can still feel the magnificence of a place that used to be the chosen spot for the location of the palaces of the Bulgarian emperors. Veliko Tarnovo was, in fact, the historical capital of the Second Bulgarian Empire.

And of course we also had time to check some bars and pubs. After all, we had to celebrate the special occasion! And volunteers love to celebrate special occasions. I really recommend you all to visit this beautiful place in Bulgaria and if you have enough time, to visit also the village Arbanasi, with a rich history and a lot of historical sites.

As an EVS volunteer you have a whole world to explore in front of you. Talking with some current volunteers and friends we started to realize how big impact this experience is having in our lives. It´s not only about the fact that working and living abroad let you grow personally and professionally. But also because thanks to EVS we have the chance to discover such beautiful cities as Veliko Tarnovo among other places we travelled to in Bulgaria.