Iliana: EVS volunteer in Spain 2

Iliana: EVS volunteer in Spain 2


EVS in a small village

As a city girl at the beginning was hard to get used to live in a village with two minimarkets and one bar for local drunks. But it has its charm. The view from the window for example. It’s not of the next apartment building, nor of a dusty street or an ugly industrial zone. I see a beautiful church, a vast field and a lot of trees and plants. What’s more, I live in a spacious house with everything I need. I live with two more volunteers. Carmen from Germany and Christina from Austria. We get along well and we are trying not to die of boredom in the evenings in Esclavitud. We don’t have the opportunity to go out to bars and clubs every night but that way we are saving and the weekends we go usually on short excursions with some other volunteers. We already have visited a lot of places around. We went to the beach, we saw an ancient Viking fortress and many more. As volunteers we get a car to our use because the transport here is often inconvenient. Paideia’s office is literally next door so we don’t need to walk so much. Besides in the office Carmen and Christina work in kindergartens .

EVS: a chance to learn a new language

I can say that I am learning the language quickly. I understand almost everything but it’s still hard to start to speak freely. Moreover there is another language except Spanish – Galician. This is something between Spanish and Portuguese. Here you can rarely hear Spanish. I have the ambition to learn Galician too, because it’s a pleasant language which sounds like a song. Besides in AMIPA they speak only Galician.

Fortunately there is a big city close by. Santiago de Compostela is famous for “Santiago’s way”. Actually one of the caminos passes by our house to reach the legendary cathedral to which thousands of pilgrims go annually. The city is gorgeous, there’s an old zone built back in the medieval ages. There is a university where 30000 people study, therefore a lot of bars and discos are available to your choice. On the on-arrival training I met a lot of other volunteers two of which are in Santiago and since then we see each other often, they introduced me to other EVS volunteers and so on. The training was in Valladolid and it was fun(and instructive of course). The organisation was excellent and the trainers as well. Now I know volunteers from all over Spain, including Canary islands. With the volunteers from Santiago we went on a excursion to Baiona for a medieval festival celebrating the discovery of America from Columbus. Some of the people there were dressed like princesses or knights. It was spectacular! One weekend Christina and I went to a voluntary campaign from the environmental organisation ADEGA. It was about preserving the local flora.

I have seven months left. Time flies by so fast that I don’t know if I will be able to accomplish all my plans. One thing is sure – show must go on and I need to extract the best of my time spent in Spain. Now I know the meaning when they say about EVS that it’s a “life-changing experience”. In a good way for sure.