EVS volunteers in Nessebar

EVS volunteers in Nessebar



Last month with some friends and volunteers we went to Nesebar. We wanted to explore this beautiful and historical place in a calmer period without the crowded environment of the summer season.


EVS volunteers in historical sites

Nesebar is one of the most interesting cities in Bulgaria. Despite the fact it´s one of the biggest summer destinations for a lot of tourists, due to the existence in the area of the biggest seaside resort in the country, it´s a city with a very rich and interesting history behind. Thus, Nessebar is part of the Unesco´s list of World Heritage Sites.


With a group of EVS volunteers and some other friends we decided to visit the city last March. Far from the crowded environment of the streets in the summer, we had the possibility to enjoy the views as almost the only visitors.


It was very useful for the foreign volunteers to be with local people that told us very interesting facts about the place. We were impressed with the 40 churches in the city. The place was considered an important geographical, economical and spiritual spot which explains the number or temples.