Youngsters with disabilities from Spain and Bulgaria participate in the Youth Exchange See over Seas!



International Youth Exchange See over Seas!

The Youth Exchange See over Seas! organized by Association FOR YOU in partnership with the Spanish Fundacion Adcor was held in the city of Varna from the 22nd till the 29th of April. During 8 days, 16 youngsters with disabilities from Spain and Bulgaria had the chance to work, live and have fun together.

The exchange aimed to give youngsters with disabilities the opportunity to know other cultures, traditions, nature, etc. This international experience also helped them to be more supportive and tolerant with people with different backgrounds and from different countries.  

Intercultural exchange for youngsters with disabilities


The exchange was held in Dana Palace Hotel, located in Golden Sands. The Spanish participants arrived the 22nd early in the morning after a long and exhausting trip. But everybody was so excited about the whole thing that they easily overcame the tiredness.

The first day the participants had more time to know each other and the surroundings. Besides some energizers and dynamics aimed to break the ice, we had a walk around Golden Sands and visited the beach. This was followed by a Welcome party where everybody danced and had fun together.

In the next following days the youngsters took part in different activities to know more about each others cultures and traditions. One of these activities was a theater play the youngsters prepared in two national groups to show what do they know about each other’s countries followed by a debate. This helped them to fight stereotypes and break prejudices about other cultures. They had more activities aimed at going in depth with the intercultural learning like presentations of the countries, traditional dances and music, food…

As part of the activity programme, the youngsters visited an important cultural and historical site in Bulgaria: Aladzha monastery. They also had time to visit Varna and its most famous spots like the Cathedral, the Roman Baths or the Sea Garden among others. And of course they could also had time to have dinner in a traditional restaurant where they danced joro with the rest of the guests.


International evening organized by youngsters with disabilities

The 28th of April the youngsters organized an international evening in the YO HO Hostel in Varna.The event was open to the public and around 50 visitors went to Yo Ho Hostel. There were traditional Spanish dishes like tortilla, empanada, filloas and Bulgarian like tarator, shopska and banitsa. The dishes were prepared by the youngsters with disabilities. They spent the whole morning and part of the afternoon in the kitchen. Everybody could try the delicious meals and learn more about Spanish and Bulgarian cuisine. The visitors could also learn more about the culture of both countries through traditional music and a photo exhibition with pictures of the most beautiful and interesting natural and historical sites from both countries. The photos were chosen by the youngsters that took part in the Youth exchange.


The 29th was the farewell day. Everybody was sad to leave. Those 8 days had a big impact in the youngsters. After all the differences, they realized that we are all people – the basis for becoming more willing to accept and understand cultural diversity and the treasure it bears, the basis for becoming more tolerant.

This project has been funded with support from the” Youth in Action “Programme of the European Commission administered in Bulgaria by the National Centre” European Youth Programmes and Initiatives “. The contents of this publication / newspaper / brochure / do not reflect the position of the European Community program “Youth in Action” or NCEYPI. ”