EVS trip to Strandzha


Travelling around Bulgaria with EVS volunteers

The European Voluntary Service gives you the chance to know the culture, traditions, food, cities and of course natural sites of a different country. The last easter prasnik was a good occasion to keep discovering new places in Bulgaria. With a group of friends of Association FOR YOU-including Elina, the coordinator- and Mael, another EVS volunteer in Varna,  we went to Strandzha, a region in the Southeastern part of Bulgaria, near the border with Turkey.

The first stop was in the eco park of Goritsa, where they have a lot of different species of animals: jackals, llamas, ostriches and even one kangaroo. As  foreign volunteers we couldn’t expect to see such animals in the country!

After the brief stop we continued the way until Malko Tarnovo. We walked around the city before we continued our way to the camping site, a place called Dendrarium not far from Malko Tarnovo. The next day we continued following the coast from Sinemorets to Tsarevo. We made a stop in Beglik Tash, not far from Primorsko. There is there a megalith construction carved by the thracians. The place was used for religious purposes and sacrifices. It’s an impressive construction placed in an unique natural environment.

I am finishing my


in Bulgaria, less than 2 months left, so I really try to discover new places i haven’t been in and to profit the most my stay here.


The opportunities EVS offers

As a current EVS volunteer in Varna I recommend you all to hop on the EVS train! As


you have the opportunity to discover new interesting places and people that will make your stay the best experience ever.