New EVS presentations in the Varna University of Economics and in 5th High School

New EVS presentations in the Varna University of Economics and in 5th High School

On Wednesday (27.11.2013) and Thursday (28.11.2013), the volunteers of Association FOR YOU promoted the benefits of voluntary work abroad. They presented the European Voluntary Service to motivate young people to widen their horizons. In the University, the speeches were delivered in English and Bulgarian as well.


The students got to know that they can actually do this once in a lifetime between 18 and 30 years, special knowledge and education are not necessary, it’s secure and you are supported by experienced people and it’s almost without investing own money. For more information, click here:

After stating the important facts and conditions for participating as a volunteer, the audience was also introduced to the work of Association FOR YOU that supports people in disadvantaged situations, photos from it’s creative workshops were shown, and thanks to the free Bulgarian lessons, the german volunteer Veronika could also give a short speech in this language. Right after, Fjodors, the Latvian, told about his life as a volunteer in Tervel. He said that he organises free time activities for pupils and that he already learned little Bulgarian. Finally, Irina talked about her experiences as she just finished her EVS in Ukraine. For her it was really exciting and she didn’t regret to have gone there.


This thursday morning, the german volunteers and Elina went to 5th High School to a german class to tell young students there about new perspectives besides hard studying all the time. It’s a nice opportunity to use the voluntary service to think about your later work life, to orientate and learn more about yourself. That’s why Association FOR YOU wants to encourage young people to become volunteers. If somebody makes this decision it will totally change his or her life and it is just worth trying it!