An EVS presentation in 5th High School in Varna

An EVS presentation in 5th High School in Varna

On 13th November the three volunteers of Association For You, Sara, Tilman and Veronika, and the two volunteers of SOS- Families In Risk, Jean-hugues and Amandine, went together with Elina, the president of Association For You, to a language school to present the benefits of doing an European Voluntary Service to the students. Because it was a french class, the speeches were hold in this language.

At first, Elina introduced the audience to basic knowledge about the voluntary work: you can do it between 18 and 30 years, you don’t need special skills and you can go to almost every country in the world for a period from 2 weeks to one year without investing all your own money. For more details, please click here:

After declaring all necessary facts, our three native french speakers described their first impressions on their EVS and talked about their motivation. Of course, by doing it, you gain a lot of foreign experience, you can do useful things to everyone’s benefit, and you can use it to take some time off to think about your future – which job fits best with my personality and my skills? During your voluntary service you will get to know a different country and another way of life, which will widen your horizon and support you in developing. Amandine, a french girl who once used to struggle with English, also underlined that you really don’t need to be a language expert to go abroad. However, communication works and while you’re abroad you will improve your talking in foreign languages


EVS is also a possibility for you! Everyone can do it, don’t be shy! 🙂