Svetoslava in Barcelona



I’m Svetoslava from the city of Varna and I’m 28 years old. I’m an EVS volunteer in a Slavic Organization in Barcelona, called “Casa Eslava”. I couldn’t even dream of getting a place in an organization in a such a wonderful city like BCN!

I applied for different positions in different countries for about a year. But Spain was my first choice! My project is called “Interreligious and intercultural dialoge”. My organization has a lot of activities related to inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue.

We work more often from the office: we’re helping to write projects, we manage blogs and the facebook page of the organization. But there are also volunteer activities, which are outside the office, such as cultural festivals organized by Casa Eslava in different places in Barcelona. For example we participated in a Festival of the Cyrillic Alphabet!

Here is our blog called “BARCA CALLING”, where you can take a look and understand in what kind of events we are participating:

We are doing really interesting things here. We visited some religious organizations and a place called “Museum of Religions”. We make presentations about the religion and culture in our home countries, which have given us a lot of new perspectives and showed us the importance of tolerance.

We are gaining a lot of experience: we are learning how to use Power Point, Excel, how to make videos, how to lead presentations and a lot of other skills that you could use in your future job. Gaining a professional experience and learning a foreign language are some of the most valued abilities that you gain through your EVS!

I wish you luck in searching for the most suitable project for you!

Greetings, Svetoslava 🙂