Hello, I am Noé!

Hello, I am Noé!

My name is Noé, I’m 20 years old, and I come from Perigueux in France where I study City planning and Tourism development. I live in a little city close to Toulouse which is located in the south of France, not far away from Spain. I had to do an internship for my first year of studies and with the Leonardo Da Vinci program I had the possibility to do it in a foreign country.


That I found an internship in Bulgaria and more exactly in Varna with the Association FOR YOU is thanks to the Cemea Aquitaine who made me discover this structure, and I found their projects very interesting and ambitious. But also, being in Varna was for me a great chance to learn about a new culture, new alphabet and new mentality from the east of Europe. For me it’s a new experience that pleased me a lot, I can improve my English because most of Bulgarian citizens speak English and a new language which is the Bulgarian one.

In fact, I work for the association who’s called Public center for Environment and Sustainable Development with Ilian who takes care of recycling paper in various companies and institutions in Varna and its surroundings to bring it to one of the two recycling centers of Varna. After this part of the recycling path, the wasted paper becomes toilet paper or new sheets of paper.

Furthermore I participated in the project Dobrovolets Chernomorets and helped Association FOR YOU and the Morski club “Seafriends” to clean some beaches near Varna. I have to help in different associations to clean some beach near Varna or to participate at the Fun City festival in Varna.

I’m really happy to be here, because I met a lot of different people from different nationalities, Varna is a beautiful city with a mixture of culture, thanks to this internship I can improve my professional skills and enter in a relationship with people of different ways of thinking.

I was able to understand the environmental problems which settle in Varna and to participate in certain actions which aim at reducing the consequences on the environment.

My internship lasts two month and a half, which is very short to learn Bulgarian, but I’m really enjoying to be in this city.