Halloween week

Halloween week

Last week we celebrated the halloween week. Due to this festivity the 31st of October, the organization FOR YOU  made a workshop related with halloween. Our Volunteers, Jose and Javier helped our disable people, who usually come to the organization, to make some handcrafts for decoration, such as cardboard bats.

On Friday 31st all the organization members and participants dressed up and we went to a halloween party, where all of us were integrated, with lots of volunteers from other countries. We could improve different foreign languages such as english, french, spanish, italian, even brazilian, and the volunteers could improve their bulgarian.

The multicultural halloween party give all of us the opportunity to interact with people of other cultures, and knowing more about them. The volunteers appreciate so much this experience, because it makes them feel like at home, and they also have the chance to meet new bulgarian people and learn their way of live.

Coming to a conclusion, it was an extraordinary week with lots of pleasure for the guests and for the participants of the European Voluntary Service as well.

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