EVS Welcome trip Kaliakra

EVS Wellcoming trip



Last Saturday 18th of October there was a meeting between some of the volunteers in Varna and their coordinators. Association FOR YOU wanted to welcome all of them, introducing them to this country, this lovely city and its surroundings. It was the first of several projects which would be done.

We went to the Kaliakra cape, a gorgeous place for visiting, we visited the museum and they explained the history of this place. We had the chance for meeting new people, taking some photographs, and knowing each other.

We couldn’t leave that place without tasting the mussels which are grown there, in a seafood farm, so we went to a restaurant and the food was delicious.

In the afternoon we visited the Balchik botanical garden, one place connected with the Romanian history. In this place we could taste some local wine, we could see a huge variety of plants and enjoy the architecture of the palace constructed between 1926 and 1937 for the Queen Marie of Romania.

We want to express our gratitude to everybody who came to this trip, and we want to invite everyone to participate in other future projects.


Personals volunteers Opinions

We are delighted to have participated in the welcoming trip, which has  a successfully valoration.

As well as visiting  places like Kaliakra and botanic botanic in Balchik, we also think that it was a great idea for meeting different  people, sharing  experiences with them, and know the city history.

Each place have special and interesting things, but the most surprising were the cliffs and sights that we could see there.

In general, in all volunteers behalf, we want to thanks you for this welcome trip, and we hope we could have more experiences like this in the future.


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