Javier was in the bilingual school

Javier was in the bilingual school

One of ours volunteers, Javier, has been during the last week in the Bilingual school “Fredecir Joliot Curie”, helping one of the spanish teachers, showing some spanish games and activities to the 8º students.

Javier, with other volunteers, was some months ago in this school, promoting EVS, and showing the students the advantages of being abroad.  Javier is teacher in spain so he was intrigued about the way of teaching in bulgaria, thats why he spoke with one of the spanish teachers and they decided that could be a good idea if Javier goes to the school like a extra teacher, and that is what happened last week.

These days the students of this school have their final examinations, and the teachers want to take advantage of Javier experience in the phisical education field, and show the student how  they could the study and relax at the same time before facing the exams.


Javier was there always with the 8 th grade, first of all he present his self to the student, explaining that he is here as a volunteer witn an EVS project, after his brief explanation.

When the sun was really hard and it was almost imposible to do any effor outside, the school let Javier one big room, so they could practie indoor.

Our volunteer spent 2 hours per group, during the week, and he taught them some brain relaxing and concentrating games, and also some physical exercises, because he ecxplaines that when you are stress is good for your nerve system to relax.

Some of the games were simple relaxing or concentrating games, but the last one was a tipical spanish game “el pañuelo” a game in which you have to be concentrate, run and dodge from the opponent.

at the end of the time, the students thanks Javier to spend time with them and they make a picture with him.

Javier said: ” It was a really good experience for me, because i liked to see how a school works in bulgaria,and how are teenagers behavoir in this country, so I had the chance to learn new way of working”.