Interview with Laura, the spanish volunteer from Burgos

Interview with Laura, the spanish volunteer from Burgos

– Hi Laura! Please introduce yourself. Are you ready to gonna be famous? Tell me: did you have previous experiences with volunteering before?

– I´m Laura, i´m 22 years old and I come from Burgos, in the north of Spain. I´ve just finished my psychology degree in July and I didn´t know what to do this year. I really love travelling, meeting new people and helping; when I found the EVS I realized it was made for me. I´ve worked in Salamanca, Spain, as volunteer in Red Cross, in prevention of HIV and youth social inclusion.

– What’s the reason for you to come here in Bulgaria?

I chose Bulgaria because I’ve already lived in Belgium, during my Erasmus year, and the culture there is very similar to mine. I wanted to know a country which was exotic for me. Bulgaria is very different, far from Spain, very cheap and beautiful. I´m glad here.

– Tell me something about the differences between your actual lifestyle and your lifestyle in Spain. Are you enjoying it?

– Here my life is very different because I´m not a student anymore, but at the same time i´m not a worker neither. I´m a volunteer and I’ve to get used it. I mean, our work is very important (a project with children without parents) but not so intensive. I´m learning to manage my time and dedicate some hours each day for my own project: writing and preparing some psychological workshops.
My favourite stuff is to have the opportunity to travel! I´ve already visited Nessebar, Sozopol and Burgas. And me and other 2 volunteers, we made a long trip around Greece. It was amazing!

How is your relationship with the others volunteers? Do you feel a friendly connection with them?

– I´m enjoying a lot the social life here. Now my new friends are from all the Europe! I’ve always lots of things to do and to learn from then. My relationship with them is great and I value being surrounded by people so funny and nice. They are not only my colleagues, but my friends. We´re always having parties, going to jam sessions and some enjoyable events, travelling…

– What is your first impression of Bulgaria and what specific elements struck you more about the country and his environment?

– I really like Bulgaria. It´s a very authentic country. I love walking and seeing the life on the street: the markets with lots of fruits and vegetables, dogs and cats wandering everywhere, energetic but not very friendly citizens… Especially I like to live next to the sea. It´s magic!

Thank you Laura! See you in the next jam session at the Bolla bar!