Long-term EVS is Not the Only Option – Meet Our Volunteers From Italy!

Ergisa, Marta and Salvatore are volunteers who visited Varna just for the short-term EVS project and probably they enjoy their summer in Italy right now.

Not all of them are Italians though.

Ergisa is an Albanian girl who moved to Italy a long time ago. Girls have just graduated from high school and Salvatore still has a year to go. It was their first experience to live in other country on their own so when we were talking few days before they left they were excited. But you could also see a bit of sadness that it is time to go home.

Except Salvatore, he was happy to see his family again. For him it was quite difficult experience, it was first time he took airplane (girls as well) and have been so far from his family for so long.

(from the left: Marta, Ergisa, Salvatore)

Guys, how did you find out about the EVS project?

Ergisa: We got information from our teacher at school. We didn’t know about such projects before.


Was there something you were afraid of before coming here?

Ergisa: I was just worried a bit about the level of my English, but nothing else.

(Marta speaks Italian to translate some things for Salvatore)

Ergisa: Salvatore says that for him the language was the most scary part as well, and the fact that he may have difficulties to find friends here.

What about you Marta?

Marta: For me it was language as well.

So, did it turn out to be scary at the end or not?

Girls: no!

Marta: Before coming here I haven’t been using English at all, because I didn’t have other opportunity than English lessons at school. Now I know I can learn and use it, and I want to put more effort into it.

It sounds really good, it means that you got some inspiration for doing new things and I know it is just 3 weeks for you. We can say it is and it is not a long time. Do you feel any changes? What other ideas do you have?

Marta: Yes, I want to do so many things now. I haven’t really been doing much in Italy before, I was just going to school, but now there are so many things I would like to try. I felt lots of freedom. Before the project I was also wondering how does the life in other countries look like, and I thought that maybe it is not for me. Now I know I was wrong.

Ergisa: I would like to work with disabled people, to help them. At our school in Italy we always help people with disabilities in our class and we like it. We also think about doing a long-term EVS project or study abroad, because we want to go to the University next year.

Did you enjoy your tasks?

Ergisa: Yes, Bulgarian language classes, events, training in Shumen and other things. We helped during the workshop at Място за Теб and during the Sport and The City event. We helped kids to put on rollers, give some leaflets and so on.

Ergisa translates Salvatore: Salvatore liked training in Shumen the most, the place and the games. He didn’t enjoy Bulgarian language classes so much because cyrillic is too difficult for him.

Marta: And I found new passion!

What is it?

Marta: hand-made things, crafts, bricolage…. I haven’t tried it before and now I love it. I will buy some stuff to continue when I am back to Italy.

Marta enjoying her new passion – crafting at the Place For You.


Salvatore at the workshop.


Salvatore and Marta in the streets of Varna.

Any challenges?

All: Living together, because it was the first time for us to live with other people than our families.

What did you know about Bulgaria before coming here?

Marta: Oh, nothing (guys are laughing).


So what do you know about Bulgaria now?

All: That Bulgaria is beautiful, that taxi drivers in Varna are bastards and charge more when they know you are foreigner , that people are nice and you can communicate with them even though you don’t speak Bulgarian……

Ergisa: Bulgaria is similar to Albania, so it feels a bit like home.

Any weird situations or things that surprised you?

Marta: For me it was strange that supermarkets sell cigarettes because in Italy you can buy them only in special places. Here you can also smoke in the public space, in Italy it is not possible.

Ergisa translates Salvatore: The night before we came to Varna there was a heavy rain in the city, so the first thing we had to do after arrival was to wade through the street full of water.

Ergisa: it was really strange experience. And our first tough was, where the hell did we come.

Guys show me some crafts they made with their Bulgarian flatmate. We say goodbye and I am very happy it was such a nice experience for them, that it brought some new ideas. Especially that I remember my first experience of living abroad and I have to say that it is a great feeling. You should try it as well! That’s all from me today. Have a nice day all!