The European Gateway in Action: Meet Nicolas from France Intern in Cafe Ole, Varna

2 years ago we have started working on The European Gateway project along with 7 other organisations from 5 European countries. Our main goal is to create a universal frame of work that will let professionals to easily find, prepare, and implement internships abroad. This led to the visit of 40 young professionals that stayed in Varna for a few weeks and worked in various places in town.

Today, you have the opportunity to meet with Nicolas Delclite, a student in the professional school MFR De La Force and learn what are his impressions from the experience.


Nicolas, French intern in Café Olé in Varna.

Association FOR YOU: Hi, Nicolas! Nice to meet you and welcome to Varna! Could you please introduce yourself and tell us what led you to Varna?

Nicolas: Good morning! My name is Nicolas. I am an intern in Café Olé in Varna and I came here from France for three weeks.

Association FOR YOU: What do you do in Café Olé as an intern?

Nicolas: I assist a team with the customer service. My tasks include welcoming customers and supporting the team in their daily activities.

Association FOR YOU: Share with us your first impressions about Bulgaria.

Nicolas: Bulgaria is a beautiful country! I was very impressed by its amazing landscapes. Bulgaria and France are very different indeed. It took me approximately two weeks to adapt and to get used to local life.

Association FOR YOU: And what can you tell us about yourself?

Nicolas: I studied at high school but had some difficulties there. At some point, I decided to join the vocational school MFR DE LA FORCE.

Association FOR YOU: Everyone has his/her strong and weak points. What are yours?

Nicolas: I am a determined person and I always strive for perfection. Orientation towards success is my strength as well.

Regarding weaknesses, I have to admit that I am very impulsive. Good news is that it has positive effects in some cases.

Association FOR YOU: Have you ever heard how do your family, friends and teachers describe you?

Nicolas: Opinions vary. My family members perceive me as a serious person.

Association FOR YOU: Ok, great! Now let’s talk about the project and your motivation to become part of it. Why did you decide to apply for Erasmus+ internship?

Nicolas: I believe that this programme is a unique opportunity to go abroad and to learn something new. I didn’t hesitate about it at all.

Some of the French students that did their internship in Varna.

Association FOR YOU: And what do you think about your internship?

Nicolas: This internship is not directly related to my studies, nevertheless I like it. It is a good experience that allows enriching my CV.

Association FOR YOU: Do you think the internship within Café Olé in Varna was a good contribution to your hard and soft skills and future perspectives?

Nicolas: Of course! This experience allowed me to discover different customer types with a different temperament. I do not speak Bulgarian and therefore I had to communicate via body language which helped to understand each other.

Association FOR YOU: What can you tell about your goals that were set before coming to Varna?

Nicolas: I think most of them were reached since I managed to provide customer service in a local company without knowledge of the Bulgarian language.

Thank you for the interview, Nicolas! We hope you manage to realise all your future projects and still have time to visit Varna again!