The European Gateway in Action: Meet Marie, a French Intern in Alliance Francaise Varna

February 2018 was a busy month for the whole team of the association! We have worked on hosting 40 French students in different organisation and businesses in Varna. The youngsters were here to do short term international professional mobility within the Erasmus Plus programme and we used the opportunity to test some of the instruments prepared for the European Gateway project. We have already shared our conversation with Nicolas Delclite, which is the first from a serie of mini-interviews. Today we present to you Marie and her experience as an foreign intern in our town.

Association FOR YOU: Hi, Marie! We are glad to see you here, in Varna! Please, introduce yourself to our readers.

Marie: Hello! My name is Marie, I am 20 years old. I am a volunteer in MFR La Force (La Maison Familiale Rurale La Force) and i was in intern here in Varna at Alliance Française Varna.

Association FOR YOU: What were your tasks during the internship?

Marie: Basically I was responsible for visual branding and visual communication of Alliance Française Varna and for internship agreements administration. Also, I was monitoring DELF and DALF exams.

Marie, French intern at the Alliance Française of Varna

Association FOR YOU: Do you remember your first impression about Bulgaria?

Marie: I remember once I was lost and I couldn’t read the directions. So, to be familiar with Cyrillic and to know some survival basics of Bulgarian can help a lot to feel confident and safe.

Association FOR YOU: Tell us few words about your educational background, please.

Marie: I got my baccalaureate degree and then I studied Linguistics for one year. Later on I was engaged in civic service at the MFR DE LA FORCE.

Association FOR YOU: What are your strong and weak points?

Marie: I like when everything is in order and is arranged in its correct place – conserva ordinem, et ordo te conservabit. At the same time I have some difficulties with self-organization. Often I take many things to heart and think about them continually which might be considered as my weak point.

Association FOR YOU: How do your family, friends and teachers describe you?

Marie: Oh, wow, this is a difficult question. I think they see me as a very generous person.

Association FOR YOU: What were the reasons to apply for this project?

Marie: There was a combination of circumstances. I prepared for a world tour and then I met Mr. Le Glanec who told me about this opportunity. I don’t regret my decision to apply for this mobility programme.

Association FOR YOU: What were your expectations about the internship in Alliance Francaise Varna? Was it a good experience for you?

Marie: I wanted to get a new experience and be able to bring it on the table in future. I will definitely benefit from it after coming back home.

Association FOR YOU: Did you set any goals before coming here?

Marie: I did not have any predefined objectives. In general I wanted to succeed despite all  the possible difficulties. Hopefully I managed to do it.

Thank you for this nice interview, Marie! We wish you good luck with your future projects and we hope this was not your only visit to Varna!