5 Young Bulgarians Share Their Experiences During the Youth Exchange ‘Yes, I Can’

Our young people in Torun.

A few youngsters from Varna have participated in the Youth Exchange “Yes, I can” in Torun, Poland from 29th October to 7th of November 2018. This was an international project about increasing the quality of life of disabled people, learn how to express themselves through media and social skills, and to use media for intercultural learning and understanding cultural differences…


I asked the participants a few questions about their experience. Here are their answers. 🙂

Hello, can you introduce yourself with few words – what’s your name, how old are you, what do you do?

Nadezhda: My name’s Nadezhda and I’m 16. I am a high school student and I am a volunteer for Rock School.

Viktoriya: My name is Viktoriya. I’m 16 years old and I’m still at school.

Mariya: My name is Mariya and I am 29 years old. I am a marketing specialist and I am working in an air conditioning company in Varna.

Victor: Hello, my name is Victor. I am 31 years old and I live in Varna. I like taking pictures and I am studying professional photography.

Viliana: I’m Viliana Kamburova, 22 years old and I’m studying and at the same time I am working.

Dancing activity during the Youth Exchange.

Perfect, nice to meet you all! Please, how did you learn about the youth exchange and why did you decide to apply? Is this the first project like this in which you participate?

Nadezhda: My friend told me about this youth exchange, she asked if I wanted to go to Poland on an exchange, and I was like sure. It was my first such project and I really hope it isn’t my last one.

Viktoriya: I learned about the youth exchange from a friend. I decided to apply because I like to try new things that I haven’t done before.

Mariya: My friend who is part of the Association For You told me about this youth exchange and I decided to try something new. This is the first project in which I participate and I liked it.

Viktor: I learned about this exchange through the Association For You. I decided to apply because I wanted to meet other people in a disadvantaged situation from other countries. I have already been to another youth exchange in the Netherlands, again with association For You. Also, the association has recently hosted an international exchange in Kranevo, Bulgaria and I took part in it, so this is not my first project like this.

Viliana: I found the project in Youthub and I decided to apply because I participated in such a project before.


Everybody can be a hero.

Oh, nice! Did you learn something new about the media during the project? How do you think the people in a disadvantaged situation are represented in the media? 

Nadezhda: I learned a lot of digital basics. People in a disadvantaged situation are represented in a lot of different ways – mostly bad ways, and in my opinion, this should be changed. More things should be done for these people, I don’t think they want the media’s attention, they want to be heard and if they get the needed care and tolerance, all things would be good.

Mariya: I am working with media constantly and everything was familiar to me.  I think that the people with disabilities are presented from the journalist like victims and actually they are.

Viktoriya: I learned a lot about how the people in disadvantaged situations from Bulgaria are represented and how the other countries treat them.

Viktor: I think that now more attention is being paid to the problems of disadvantaged people in Bulgaria than in the past and that this topic is getting more attention.

Viliana: I learned how to edit videos, take good photos and I learn some basics in making videos. I didn’t understand how people with disabilities are represented because the Bulgarian team was the only one who had a presentation about this topic. It was our task.


All the participants in a picture.

I understand…What have you learned about Poland and the Polish culture?

Mariya: Poland is a beautiful country and the people are great, I think that the polish culture is not very different from Bulgarian culture. The people are very kind and hospitable.

Nadezhda: Poland is an extremely beautiful country for sure. Their cheese is really good. The one thing I’m still confused about is why they put an orange in their soups. I can’t say a bad word about their liquor, too. I really enjoyed walking in Torun because I found the architecture interesting.

Viktoriya: Actually I was really surprised by Poland. Tórun is a really beautiful place and it is very clean too. Also, the Polish language has quite the resembling words in Bulgarian.

Viktor: I learned a lot not only about Poland but also about the other countries that participated in the exchange – Turkey, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania. I was surprised that some of our traditional foods are in other countries. Poland has a very beautiful architecture, and people are very friendly, warm, and tolerant in their communication.

Viliana: They are nationalists and also they have a lot of similarities with Bulgaria. They have good food which I didn’t have the change to taste before.

Oh, good! Now I want to go to Poland! 🙂 Did you learn something new about yourself during the youth exchange? If yes – what?

Viktoriya: I learned that my life is very similar to the life of the people from other countries.

Mariya: Yes, I learned how to communicate with people from different cultures and how to work in a team. Workshops were very interesting and useful.

Nadezhda: I realized I should be thankful for everything that’s given and I should look for the good in bad situations. I definitely learned that positivity is important and it defines most of your opportunities, it can even make you strong.

Viktor: I think I know myself pretty well already. 🙂

Viliana: Yes. I know that I really like video editing.


Everyone received an Europass for participation!

Perfect! And these are my last questions to you: What are your plans from now on? Do you want to take part in other similar projects?

Nadezhda: Yes, I’d love to take part in other projects. It was a great experience of meeting new people and learning new things.

Viktoriya: I would love to take part in other similar projects.

Mariya: This project was a totally different experience for me and I will be glad to be part of more such projects.

Viktor: To develop my photographic skills and to participate in more international projects if possible.

Viliana: I’m planning to participate again for some projects which are related to my experience before. I would be very happy if I have the chance to be a part of Yes I Can project again.

Thank you very much for your answers and maybe see you soon for your next project!