A Week in Bordeaux Visiting Our Friends at the MFR du Bergeracois

At the end of November, three members of the association FOR YOU went to La Force, France. They participated to the “Semaine de l’Europe” hosted by the MFR (Maison Familiale Rurale) du Bergeracois.

Most of the European partners present during the week.

Erasmus+ European Mobility Professionals

The event lasted one week, and it was an opportunity to share experiences, to hear stories from apprentices, associations and companies that had taken part to Erasmus+ European Mobility projects and to discover the tools developed to improve mobility and make it valuable to everyone.
In this regard, local and European partners were present to discuss and exchange views about benefits and drawbacks of mobility. The eight countries represented were Portugal, the United Kingdom, Italy, Romania (1 and 2), Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and France.


Visit of Bordeaux.

Beginning of the Week

Activities were organised throughout the week. The night of arrival, after being welcomed by the French partners, a dinner meeting was taken in a restaurant of Bordeaux in order to make the first contacts with the different associates.
The next day, free-time was given to visit Bordeaux and in the afternoon was the departure to join the MFR in La Force.

After a good night’s sleep recovering from the travel, the official week could begin. During this week, the representatives of the partner organisations received more details on the functioning of the MFR and participated in different activities with the students to see the practices in action.

Meet and Greet.

Following of the Activities

The teachers (called “monitors”, as their role is way more extensive) showed how they work, especially the typical individualised approach with the pupils.

Additionally, different seminaries were conducted with local partners. The contribution of international mobility, the functioning of the MFR as well as the future mutual prospects were discussed. The different associations represented also had the opportunity to present their structure to the other partners. Elina, the president of FOR YOU, shortly introduced the association, its functioning and different collaborative opportunities.

There was also a session devoted to the KA2 European Gateway that aims to create universal tools supporting international mobilities of apprentices, trainees of professional formation and continuing education. At the event were present local schools, companies and students interested in occupational mobility.

Students putting together a puzzle of Europe.

Activities over Bulgaria, Volunteering and Working Abroad

Moreover, there were discussions with students about mobility opportunities in Varna. There were as well some exchange of personal experiences of volunteers and trainees. In this regard, a short quiz about Bulgaria was organised to raise the awareness of the country. It was followed by a puzzle game where the students had to place different countries on a European map. To complete the activity, the students had to give free rein to their imagination. They should envision a world without adults, and what would have to be done to survive and recreate the new one. This task led to passionate debates!

Eventually, the week ended by cultural visits around and within Bergerac, a town not far from La Force. It included a “Maison de Quartier”, a social centre that organises different activities for people and a music school, “RockSane”, with whom potential future mobilities partnership are to be developed.

Visit of Bergerac with Greek and French partners