“Internship abroad is a great way to grow” – Elomara from the Canary Islands

What makes a 22-year-old girl from the Canary Islands leave the golden beaches and go around the world during a pandemic? The desire to help others and improve yourself! Meet  Elomara! She chose Bulgaria to do an internship at a day center for people with disabilities. What challenges did she face and did she regret her choice, read in the following article.

Hello! How are you?

Hello! I am very well enjoying my last days here. I didn’t feel that three months had passed! 

How would you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Elomara. I am from Spain and I live on the southern island of Gran Canaria. The reason I’m here is because I’m studying social integration. I love animals, music and photography. I consider myself an empathetic, determined, sincere person. Also a good friend. I love to help, so I decided to continue studying and improving my knowledge of social activities. 

What motivated you to start an internship? Why did you choose to be in Bulgaria?

Two years ago, I was an intern in Italy under the Erasmus + Program . It was a unique moment that made me want to repeat the experience. To be honest, I had no plans to come to Bulgaria. Because of the pandemic, almost no country accepted foreign students for the period I was planning. That brought me here and I’m not sorry!

Do you like it here?

Yes, I like it. I’m sad I have to leave. The country never ceases to impress me with its places, customs, food… I really did not expect Bulgaria to captivate me so much! 

Tell us about the place where you were an intern? What were your main tasks?

I was on an internship at a day center for people with disabilities “Riviera” in Varna. My role was to assist the staff of the center in their activities. I also promoted the good effects of exercising and achieving health through dancing and walks. I tried to bring the people there closer to a different culture. When necessary, I also participated in music therapy. 

What did you learn during the internship? Were there any challenges?

I learned to be more patient. I was able to communicate in another language and I needed to focus when I didn’t understand something. When I wanted help, I used other methods such as gestures. I also learned about the different types of disabilities in people, the way their physique and psyche work, and their needs. The main challenge was to communicate with non-English speaking colleagues. 

Do you have a favorite memory of your stay?

I have very good memories, but undoubtedly my favorite moment is when we went to the Seven Rila Lakes and saw amazing views. Then I realized the meaning of the sentence “…after all effort, the reward comes…”

Did the pandemic affect your internship?

As I said earlier, I had a lot of problems – for example, a company accepting me for an internship and me having the possibility of not being able to travel. Once I got here, everything went well! 

What would you say to young people to motivate them to go on an internship abroad?

If you have this great opportunity, grab it! This is truly a unique experience from which you will learn a lot. An internship abroad is a great way for personal growth and satisfaction! 


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