EVS Alexander Genov

Hello! My name is Alexander Genov, 29 years old, from Stara Zagora, occupation as an artist and designer. I am an EVS volunteer in the Czech Republik. I work in the Youth Center Decko in Nachod, located in Bohemia, just next to the Polish border. I am engaged in different activities, including lessons in drawing and painting, animal care at the local mini zoo and improving conditions in it, making birdhouses, planting trees, participating in running events organized at Decko, and others, some of which are set as my task yet.

We are eight volunteers in Nachod, participating in a twelve months lasting project, and two months of it already passed.



What is most impressing to me until now, is the nature of the area in which I’m living. I have already visited amazingly beautiful places and so I continue in planning new journeys during my free days. Moreover, I enjoy having the opportunity to indulge imagination and artistic skills in some Decko activities I take part in. Unfortunately, I struggle with some stereotypes in people’s thinking here because I just don’t appreciate their animal treatment – especially in the mini zoo. But the conditions under which the other volunteers and me are living are wonderful, and I think together we get along perfectly well. Next week there will be an on arrival training around Brno, where I will meet with volunteers from other places in Czech Republik and I’m looking forward to it.

Greetings to everybody in Bulgaria, to Varna, to the sea, and special thanks to Elina Raynova from my sending organisation Association For You, for the support and understanding about everything which is important to me.