Hi I’m EU !! A Volunteer to Varna!!


 Hi  I’m EU !! A Volunteer to Varna!!

I am Jose Eulogio. I’m 30 years old and I live in small village close to Malaga which is located in the south of Spain.

I studied Physical Education in University of Sevilla and I was working like technician sport in the youth area council, because I love the sport and working with childrens and youth people.

In fact I’m member of a sport, nature and youth association in Spain (Torcal Activo), where we prepare activities about sport, environment, education and erasmus programs.

Why EVS?

Last summer I participated in one youth exchange, that made me think about living abroad.

The EVS gives you opportunities for knowing others cultures, countries, languages, people, and also to travel and you can live this feelings and experiences.


Why Varna?

The EVS Project was very interesting for me. Furthermore,I like the idea to visit the West European countries. When the For You Association gave me the opportunity for coming here, I didn’t think twice…!! Let’s go to Varna!!


About  Varna city

I arrived the 1st of October. For the moment, I don’t know too much places in here, but I think that there are lot  of beautiful corners in Varna  to visit.

A city with history, nice people, volunteers from different countries, different cultures, a lot things to do, …  it could be wonderful.


About FOR YOU association!

This association make a good work! there is a good working environment and good communication. I would like to thank them for giving me the opportunity to come here.


My job!

My work focuses in promotion european programs and working with disable people (workshops, at school, activities outside,…)

I am looking forwards to work with them, because I’m very happy with it.  I think that I can learn a lot here.


One Advice

I invite you to look EVS projects and so you can live this kind of experiences that definitely make us enjoy, learn and grow in many aspects of life.

There are some links where you can find information about europeam programs:




If you want to read more about European Voluntary Service, you can read HERE

Regards, Jose!!