Диляна разказва какво е да си доброволец в Варна – Европейска Младежка Столица

Didi at her workplace in the office of Varna – European Youth Capital

What is it like to be a volunteer at home and what opportunities does this give to young people? We talked about this topic with the wonderful Didi, who has been part of the association „Varna – European Youth Capital“ for several months. Read more about what Didi has to say about the opportunity she has found!

Hello! Introduce yourself in a few words!

I am Dilyana Yaneva, 26, from the city of Varna. I graduated from IIE – bachelor’s degree and then continued with a master’s degree in „Public Relations“, in particular „Creative Communication“. I am currently a volunteer in the project “ What is a volunteer and is there any ground in our country ?“ To the association “ Varna – European Youth Capital „.

Share for the first time a volunteer?

Yes, I am a volunteer for the first time and this is really something new for me and quite interesting!

How did you find out about EX and what motivates you to get involved?

I found out about the European Solidarity Corps quite by accident while looking for a job in the specialty and came across an ad from the Association „FOR YOU“ and through them I learned more about the opportunities offered by the program. The position itself motivated me to get involved because I was convinced that it would help me develop my professional and personal qualities .

Can you tell us a little more about your tasks as a volunteer?

I hold the position of administrative assistant in Varna European Youth Capital, and my job is to structure the documentation, to support the administrative activities of the office and to participate in organizing the events of the youth capital.

And what are the challenges of this position?

The challenges are perhaps to learn to work effectively in a team , to comply with colleagues, to be completely 100% in the performance of tasks. But in addition to challenges, there are many advantages such as new contacts, the youth environment, the fact that you meet people who have similar interests to you , so I think things are balanced and definitely worth it!

Share what was the most inspiring moment during the project?

Didi (far right) during the first event in which he participated as an organizer.

The most inspiring moment is probably our first event where we participated as organizers and as participants. It was „Be Active“ – there we met a lot of young people, some of them had not even finished high school and to see how they are set up for life, for the environment around them, how they want to achieve realization was the most the inspiring moment for me.

And can you tell us some fun or interesting story during the service?

Communicating with colleagues every day is quite fun and interesting in itself, because we are all at the same age and we have a similar way of communication and I might say that the whole process is fun.

What would you say to others for inspiration to volunteer for an EX project?

I would advise them if they are at the beginning of their journey and are not completely aware of themselves and which direction to take to give volunteering a chance! I would not say that this is a waste of time or it will not be useful to them, on the contrary – they would build a lot of useful habits, they would orient themselves in the situation and in the future this would be a very rewarding experience for themselves.




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