Какво научих като стажант по време на престоя си в България

Being an intern in a foreign country is not an easy job – you face many challenges and culture shock, but perhaps most importantly, you learn a lot of new things. See what it’s like to be an intern in Bulgaria through the eyes of Claudia from Germany, who became part of the Association for You team in recent months. Here is what she shared that she learned.

Bulgarian language:

Learning Cyrillic may seem quite different and difficult for a foreigner, but I accepted the challenge and started learning Bulgarian from an elementary level. The good thing is that with just a few words you can now read the signs on the street and have short conversations in the bakery or shop.

…. Varna – the city of cats

Behind almost every corner of the city hides a stray cat or even a little kitten. They are part of the city, just like seagulls flying in the sky. Some of them live in the port, or hang around the restaurants in the city, where it is easy to find food.


…. Golden autumn

The leaves begin to fall, but in Varna the sun continues to shine brightly. This makes walking on the beach, and even swimming in the sea – a wonderful experience through which one can enjoy nature after work.

And if you are one of the early risers, you can take the opportunity to admire the sea in the morning when there are fewer people. Running is a great idea, and if you’re braver, you can even dive into the water.

… Do you feel lonely?

Just go to Hall 3 and you will have the opportunity to meet different people all day while playing table tennis, board games, participating in a creative workshop, drinking coffee on the terrace or testing your skateboarding skills. This is a unique, alternative and living space, where you have the opportunity to see part of the sports and alternative subculture of Varna.

…. Delicious food!

Bulgaria has a wonderful national cuisine, which is rich in different types of cheese, fresh vegetables from the market and of course homemade brandy. The pie is a great breakfast that you can find in any bakery for a reason!

… Get on a bus and rediscover the city!

Public transport is quite cheap and can easily take you to different parts of the city. Instead of looking for a destination in advance, you can just get off at the stop where you feel that your adventure is calling! Plus, you can buy a ticket even after you’re on the bus.




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